I won first place for Cover Design in the Association of Alternative Newsmedia's 2014 awards.

Below are the three covers I submitted for the award. In all of these designs, I relied heavily on physically making or staging the designs, then photographing the elements and adding digital touches in Photoshop.

Created this logo to brand a content series focused on the people who make Gap Inc. clothing, and the care and craftsmanship with which they transform and innovate product.

Wanting to channel the quality of a finished product, we settled on a clean linear design reminiscent of a clothing tag. The white design is meant to be placed over detail images of fabric and/or craftsmanship — allowing our product development photography to shine through, in partnership with the logo. Find Gap Inc.'s Craft Heroes on the aDressed blog, here.

Below, from top: Blog header image + logo template, top; video still image + logo template, left; blog footer link, above.

Logos + infographics

A collage of photographs from the SF Bay Guardian's Streets issue, focusing on homelessness in San Francisco.

Layout design

From left: Board game-themed events calendar for the SF Examiner's summer arts supplement; Feature on the Identity Project for the SF Bay Guardian's Queer Issue; Layout design for the SF Examiner's short-lived style section, City Vogue; Part of the SF Examiner's Fall Arts supplement.

SF Bay Guardian feature on 10 things San Francisco should fund, and 10 it shouldn't: Red and black arrows symbolize programs that were in the red (a.k.a. underfunded, neglected needs) and programs that were too far in the black (a.k.a. misplaced budget priorities)


This SF Examiner cover story layout was featured in the seventh edition of "The Newspaper Designer's Handbook" as an example of good design.

For the SF Bay Guardian's last issue, I wanted to design a cover that paid tribute to the paper's history in San Francisco, since its inception in 1969. This design is a collage of past covers, papered together in a digital collage that feels storied, yet fresh.

More covers from the SF Bay Guardian. To see more of my work for the alternative weekly, check out all SF Bay Guardian covers on Issuu.


I'm obsessed with 3D typography. For the SFBG covers I created objects to form the letters in "work"; and I used thick paper and an X-Acto knife to cut out the letters — before adding the colorful background buildings and otherwise refining the design in Photoshop. Bottom left, I cut the letters for "Craft" out of denim as part of a branding experiment for Gap Inc.'s Craft Herores content series. I then teased the edges with a razor, and put a few pieces through the dryer. 

Designed and illustrated this two-sided, circular bridal shower invitation.

bridal illo.jpg

Various flow chart quizzes for the SF Bay Guaridan. Click to enlarge.