Teague O’Malley and his team have one goal: to inspire. We took customers behind the scenes with Banana Republic’s store windows design team, showcasing the creativity inherent at Gap Inc. and BR with the goal of inspiring customers and potential employees.

“Beautiful. Supported. Sculpted. Strong.” This is what it feels like to wear Athleta's latest breakthrough: Sculptek. We talked with team members across functions to showcase the collaboration and partnership that fueled the innovation of this new fiber technology.

It’s obvious when 21% of your outfit is missing. But what happens when 21% or more of your paycheck is missing? We created the #CloseThePayGap campaign, using employee models, to show Gap Inc.'s support for equal pay, and to highlight the company as the first Fortune 500 company to validate that it pays men and women equally for equal work.

Gap Inc. was honored with the 2016 Catalyst Award for leadership on equal pay for equal work, strong representation of women at all levels, and commitment to advancing the lives of 1 million women through P.A.C.E., Gap Inc.’s education and life skills program. We created this video to acknowledge and celebrate Gap Inc.'s culture of equality. 

Building off of our content marketing work focused on clothing creation, we wanted to showcase the end result of being in a store and trying on that completed garment — emphasizing the customer, how they feel in the clothing, and their store experience.

Gap Inc. has a history of speaking out about and supporting LGBTQ equality, and we wanted to celebrate that with our employees and customers for Pride 2016. We partnered with Gap's LGBTQ employee resource group to find employee models to take part in a fun, confetti-infused shoot where we captured both photo and video for Gap Inc. social media channels.

We created this quick stop-motion video for Gap Inc. social media channels, showcasing one of the ways in which customers can conserve water: Freezing their jeans, instead of washing them.